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Your home renovation checklist and expert advice – 8 steps to follow

Oith the housing market in Texas which is more than hot and shows no signs of slowing down, home renovations are having an important moment. Refreshing and improving a home can be exciting and ultimately very beneficial financially, but it can also be daunting.

Fortunately, Daltile – the nation’s leading tile experts – have created a checklist to help you navigate the lengthy process. This checklist goes step-by-step to ensure the smoothest renovation experience. After all, no one knows the best practices homeowners should follow and the latest interior trends like these gurus.

Step One – Gather Design Ideas and Schedule a Consultation

A mood board or blank canvas is essential for creating an aesthetic or ambitious overall look for a renovation project. Consulting a professional designer can also be very helpful in this first step. Some find that articulating a vision or design can be the most important first step – and also the most creative. For expert help, Daltile offers free design services by appointment.

“Whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen or complete home renovation, we can reduce Google searches,” says Laura Grilli, senior product development manager. “We usually start by choosing the countertop, because it sets the tone of the room.”

Step Two – Create Your Budget and Desired Timeline

Doing your research before the project begins can save you a lot of time, headaches, and disappointment. Once you have a budget, it’s much easier to explore the must-haves and essentials you can’t live without.

The same goes for a timeline. Overestimate the time needed to complete the project, as there are inevitably delays with a major project like a home renovation. It also helps keep expectations reasonable.

Prioritize the must-haves when it comes to your final vision. (Courtesy of Daltile)

Step Three – Get Estimates

When collecting estimates from the actors needed for the cost of the renovation, be sure to ask what benefits are included. Complementary design services provided by Daltile will include a full layout of options for each functional need.

“In addition to the overall vision for your space, our free design services look at tiling options — the application you need them for — and we also offer color variations,” notes Grilli.

Step Four – Hire a General Contractor

It’s a question of trust and references. Daltile is often an invaluable source for his clients, referring them to a general contractor they have worked with in the past. One that they have confidence in their abilities to do the job.

Once a list of recommended contractors is established, take the time to interview them and don’t necessarily go for the lowest bid. Go for quality – and ask to see previous examples of home improvement projects they’ve done.

Step Five – Finalize Product Selections and Style

A general contractor will be instrumental in this step, as he knows which steps need to happen before others. For example, if a bathroom or kitchen is being renovated, a question many homeowners may have is where to start?

A good general contractor will know when to rely on experts, and will ask the necessary questions. And the contractor can also recommend the best materials or products for the home based on the lifestyle of the owners. One trend that many homeowners are gravitating towards is tile flooring.

“Tile addresses all concerns and meets all challenges,” notes Grilli. “Many of the general contractors we work with get requests for almost any whole-home tiling project. It’s a durable product, a clean, green choice that increases the value of a home.

She says that Lavaliere is the most unique tile series right now, with Remedy also being a very popular and proven option.

Step Six – Determine Renovation Schedule + Secure Contracts

This is the most tedious part of a remodel, but perhaps the most important. Not only must the schedule be consistent with the owner’s schedule, but all contracts must be secure. This is also the imperative time to acquire the necessary permits to carry out the project.

Step Seven — Demonstration Day

It can be one of the most satisfying days, but also the most nerve-wracking. But it has to be done to achieve the end goal. Many homeowners who have completed a project have said that renting a dumpster is an optimal choice.

If you’re installing new cabinets or new flooring, it’s beneficial to have a space to put all the trash in at once. Some of the most important tips for this step include clearing your space for the construction crew, properly preparing your floors before the crew arrives, and shutting off electricity and water.

Daltile has helped transform countless homes through the Metroplex (Courtesy of Daltile)

Step Eight – Put It All Together and Complete Your Renovation

After weeks or months of renovation, it’s the moment of glory. When everything is thoroughly checked on the to-do list with your general contractor, it’s time to put your vision together. Before you can relax and unwind in your new sacred space, be sure to make one last visit with all the necessary parties.

Once everything is satisfactory, hire a cleaning crew to perform a rigorous deep cleaning. Many homeowners choose to contact their insurance agent at this time to document the investment made in the home. If you’ve added significant value to your home, with upgrades such as tile or other raised materials, you may need to adjust your home insurance policy limits.

Another important step here – which is often overlooked but very useful – is to create a maintenance checklist.

Your home improvement project is a major investment and a true labor of love. Having planned and budgeted annual maintenance will only enhance the renovation, helping your home retain both its wonder and its value.

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