Home renovation

US Navy Veteran Gets Free Home Renovation

A Valley painting company owned by two veterans helped another veteran with some much-needed fixes to her home.

In April, Armored Painting asked Valley residents to submit nominations for a veteran in need of a home renovation. The children of retired US Navy veteran Nina Haney nominated her to receive free renovations to her home.

“We chose her because she raised her children alone and has a son who is currently battling cancer and undergoing treatment,” said Nelson Martinez, co-owner of Armored Painting. “So we felt she needed a little encouragement in her life right now.”

Haney was selected from 21 veterans nominated to receive the gift on Veterans Day.

“It’s just a blessing, and I love these people even though I don’t know them,” Haney said.

Armored Painting co-owners Martinez and Joe Robledo say that after touring Iraq twice, they are finding ways to help local veterans.

“[The] the suicide rate is really high among the veteran community,” Martinez said. “And I feel like doing things like that feels like home for veterans. It’s a way of making them feel special.”

For Haney, the makeover was a huge relief.

“I’ve been trying to do this for 10 years, and one thing after another happens, and it gets pushed aside,” Haney said of the necessary renovations. “And I’ve never been able to do that.”

Armored Painting hopes to add free renovation services as part of its annual operations.