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Top 5 essential tools for your home improvement project – Flux Magazine

words Alexa Wang

Taking on the challenge of renovating your home can be an exciting prospect – but there’s no doubt that it can be a chore if you’re not armed with the right tools for the job!

Recent reports show that the pandemic has led to a 36% increase in home improvement spending in 2021, with an average investment of £15,000 for home improvement.

Whether you want to create an open-plan living space, remodel a new bathroom, or do a complete property flip, here are 5 essentials that will make your life easier.

1. Cordless drill

The number one must-have for your home improvement project is a cordless drill, as it can be used for a variety of tasks, from hanging pictures to mounting a TV to the wall. If you want to make sure you can tackle all ideas with this tool, it might be useful to use an sds plus drill which can drill into materials like concrete and brick – for example if you are looking to install a hanging chair in your living room.

2. Furniture and floor coverings

If you do any type of painting, plastering or sanding, using furniture coatings and flooring is a no-brainer. This will ensure that nothing gets splattered with paint or debris and will keep your belongings in pristine condition. It’s also a good idea to glue flooring in the corners, to prevent it from shifting when people walk on it.

3. Decoration ribbon

A super simple trick when repainting any room in your home is to use decorative tape. By carefully framing this around baseboards, door frames, light switches and window sills, you can ensure that you never paint outside the lines. When you remove the tape, once the paint is dry, you’ll find crisp, clean edges that give your paint job a professional finish, every time.

4. Sanders

When it comes to plastering your walls, the main goal is to get them as clean and smooth as possible, ready for painting once the plaster has completely set. Using a sander will speed up the process and leave you with a deliciously smooth finish, which will show up without dents – even in the glossiest paintwork!

5. Nail Gun

Rather than spending a lot of time manually hammering by hand, a nail gun will do all the work for you. Seamless stamping of nails in many materials such as wood and plasterboard. Whether you’re aiming for snug-fitting baseboards, laying flooring, installing chair rail, or even building a garden fence, a nail gun is sure to make your DIY mission easier!