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This Malahide Cushion Is Full Of Clever Home Renovation Ideas

For many people, working from home has highlighted aspects of our most used parts that could be improved. That was exactly the case for the owner of this Malahide home, who called on Maria Fenlon Interiors to help.

As Maria explains, the house suffered from dark rooms and a lack of connection to its coastal location, while some rooms had specific issues like an awkward kitchen island and a living space that seemed undefined. “As the owner works from home, it was essential to fine-tune these areas to deliver maximum efficiency and provide comfort and visual enjoyment throughout.”

While ensuring the functional spaces functioned exactly as they should, Maria also wanted to showcase the owner’s passion for art and music.

One of the priorities was to bring more natural light into the space, and so an existing stud wall was removed from the hallway and replaced with glazing, bringing light to the center of the building.

Mirrors are also used throughout to maximize natural light and create unexpected glimpses of the coastal view. “A large feature mirror, above a bespoke bench in the kitchen, brings sea views into the space and reflects the evening sunset,” Maria explains, while a “circular mirror in the hallway helps to expand the feeling of space”.

The lighting system was another particular attention. Task lighting is important in functional areas, but eye-catching accessories are also used to add to the contemporary feel of the home.

The geometric light above the dining table and the slightly shiny orb pendant in the bathroom are great examples of picking something a little different from the norm. The lighting in the house is controllable by a phone application, and its color can even be adjusted to create different moods.

home renovation ideas

Another main aspect of the project was to adjust the layout if necessary to make the most of the space. A tilted island was replaced in the kitchen with a rectangular island without replacing the rest of the furniture. These were simply painted black and given new handles to match the new scheme.