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Texas Tech Announces $200 Million Football Facilities Project Plan

Texas Tech officials announced plans late Monday for an ambitious $200 million facilities project to construct a new South Zone building at Jones AT&T Stadium, which will connect to the new Dustin R. Womble Football Center.

Demolition of the current south end area will begin at the end of the 2022 season and construction of the new facility is expected to be completed before the 2024 season.

“This is a historic day as we announce our intentions to build what will be the first Big 12 conference and national football facility,” said Texas Tech Director of Athletics Kirby Hocutt. , in a press release. “This facility, when completed, will not take precedence over any other school in the country. We have received tremendous interest from many of our supporters regarding this project and we anticipate this to continue as we move forward. closer to the official inauguration.

Funds for the project will come primarily from private fundraisers and annual revenue streams from the athletics department, primarily from the sale of new premium stock.

There were those who expressed concern about the retention of the Double T dash in the south end zone. According to current plans, there will be a new, taller Double T scoreboard that will sit atop a new four-story building, which will retain the theme of Spanish architecture seen throughout campus.

Fans will be able to enter the stadium through a new gate in the South Zone that will include additional concession outlets, an expanded lobby and ground-level sightlines to Cody Campbell Field at Jones AT&T Stadium. The facility will have home and visitor changing rooms at pitch level, accompanying a 7,200 square foot club area that will host the Red Raiders on the pitch each Saturday.

The main lobby and private suites will occupy the second level, with coaches and staff offices on the third floor and additional premium suite options on the upper level. Texas Tech currently expects to generate significant revenue each year in high-end seating once the South Zone project is complete.

“This project is a major statement from the Texas Tech community – our university, our board, our administration, our donors and our fans – that football is a priority for us and that we have the intention to compete at the highest level,” said Campbell, a member of the Texas Tech Board of Regents and former football winner. “I am very excited about the future of our football program. With Coach McGuire at the helm, with the strong NIL program we have in place, and now with facilities that will be among the best in the country, I firmly believe that all the pieces are in place for Texas Tech to be eternally competitive in the Big 12 and nationally.

It is planned that the Womble Football Center will be built on the same land that currently occupies the current Football Training Center, with two stories in height as well as the Sixth Street expansion to further increase the total area of installation.

Between the proposed South End Zone and the Womble Football Center, the two facilities will contain space for recruiting and player lounges, a new players’ locker room, a television studio for gameday content and social media as well as a significant investment in technology through digital signage and displays.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the future of our football program and what this facility will do in terms of player development and recruitment,” McGuire said in a press release. “The support for Texas Tech football is real and passionate, and this project will position us at the top of college football every year. We are grateful for the support of so many of our donors who have already contributed and plan to donate to this facility.

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