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Texas couple sentenced in home improvement scheme targeting seniors

A Texas couple have been sentenced to prison for a home improvement project.

According to San Antonio Express-News. The program, which ran from February to December 2017, primarily targeted elderly victims.

Tommy Ray Williams44, and Whitney Jane Law33, must pay $820,900 in restitution to their 18 victims.

“The defendants are crooks who have taken more than money. They have stolen their victims’ sense of belonging. Their schemes have demanded payment, destroyed property, and left behind worry and regret,” he said. declared Matthew De Sarnospecial agent in charge of the FBI office in Dallas.

Here’s how the home improvement program unfolded, according to the federal complaint:

Williams would obtain renovation references through the Home Advisor website and arrange inspections with owners. He went to customers’ homes alone or with his associates and made an offer for the service.

Before beginning each project, Williams demanded a large payment followed by another when work began. He said it was necessary to cover the cost of materials. People would then arrive at the client’s home to begin demolition, which included the destruction of plumbing, wall panels, walls and roofing. Then the work crew would stop coming, the renovation would be left unfinished, and Williams would not respond to customers or return their money.

Law knew about the fraud but did not contact police, the Justice Department said. She even helped hide the crime at least once by changing their account name and using a different business name on Home Advisor.

Williams and Law used the money they won in casinos and to buy new cars.

Williams was sentenced to 15 years in prison for conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Law was sentenced to 18 months in prison for failing to report the fraud, according to the Justice Department.