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Security Improvements – The Terrain

2021 ASLA Professional Residential Design Honor Award. Highlands Retreat. Aspen, Colorado. Design Workshop, Inc. / image: Brandon Huttenlocher/Design Workshop, Inc.

While designing security as it relates to the public realm and concepts such as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) may be familiar to many landscape architects, improving security and privacy is also an increasingly desirable aspect of residential landscape architecture.

According to the 2022 Houzz Home Improvement Survey, outdoor security is a new priority for homeowners, who spent 25% more on home security systems in 2021 than in 2020. Exterior security systems are now the second most frequently installed exterior upgrade (17%), behind lighting (22%).

A recent Forbes article by Jamie Gold on this renovation trend features Ron DuHamel, ASLA, President of FireSky and volunteer leader of ASLA’s Design-Build Professional Practice Network (PPN).

2021 ASLA Professional Residential Design Honor Award. Quarry Garden. Minneapolis, Minnesota. TEN x TEN. /image: Gaffer Photography

According to DuHamel:

“The homeowners we work with are looking for a defined space that gives them privacy from their neighbors and a space they feel safe in. To achieve this, the design often includes walls, fences, plant screens and lighting… A well-designed plan should not over-illuminate the space, but create a rhythm or sequence of pools of light that gently guides a person through the landscape.

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