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For the editor:

In the newspaper of January 22 and 23, there was a column invited by the mayor (of Lisbon) Peter Wilson.

First, when the revitalization project started, it was about repairing buildings and moving new businesses into the open spaces, but Mayor Peter Wilson used it to harass businesses that aren’t in activity. This can be checked by asking businesses in town. This type of behavior is much more likely to drive business away than to attract business.

Only eight of these buildings being rehabilitated are far from making great progress. The fact that Lisbon has lost 8% of its population over the past decade can largely be attributed to some people buying commercial property and raising rents.

Now it is proposed to attack non-commercial buildings, residence. Even when people own a house, they have to ask for permission, a permit, to build there. Not only does this make it more difficult “beautify” a home, but this law is actually a violation of the 4th and 5th of the US Constitution.

Why should people pay taxes in a dictatorship?

Also, what your mayor obviously forgets is that while many live in Lisbon, not everyone has an income, therefore taxing what doesn’t even exist.

Now our mayor wants to build in DORA. There are bars if people want a drink and that would both create a barrier to the commercial potential of those bars and make it more open to underage drinking. Also, more trash left on the street.

We all know what explorers young people can be. If he wants the Greenway Trail to attach to the square, give him time. With all the fertilizer he spreads, I’m sure trees will grow.

Elbert Ray Head of Household


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