Home renovation

Rachael Ray offers a look at her series of home renovations

What did you say that finally convinced John to also want to buy what is now your Italian dream house?

I simply informed him that this was the place I was going to buy. He was disappointed, to say the least. He said there were plenty of properties along the road that said ‘in vendita’ which means ‘for sale’ which already had toilets and electricity but this was the place I wanted. He loves it now. He has a place for his piano. It also becomes her life’s dream, but it was my life’s dream since I was a little girl, and it is the substance of my life’s work.

Renovating a home can be stressful. What was the hardest part of filming “Rachael Ray’s Italian Dream Home”?

A house, big or small, whether it is an apartment or a large property, is stressful. Not sure if you can really afford it. You don’t know if you deserve it. You don’t know if you can bear the burden of it, and there is always a burden. There’s never a moment that doesn’t have a burden attached to it, whether you build it or rebuild it or it sinks or it burns. I’ve been through it all. There is no moment of attachment to anything in life that is not emotional, but isn’t that the point of life?

If something is really going to make you happy, shouldn’t you at least know that you tried to achieve it? Everyone fails. Some of us succeed and some don’t, but the purpose is the journey and we did our best to make it happen.

Was there a difficult part of filming the series?

The fact that I’m being shot at. I am a very reserved person, or I was a few years ago before the pandemic, before the project in Italy. I was a very private person. I’m very open when I’m at work. I love sharing with people, because I want them to feel like we really connect, but when I get home I’m usually quiet.

When you’re in the middle of building or building or rebuilding your life, it’s very stressful. There are very bad moments and a lot of great moments, but you show the public your world.