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Property in Northern Ireland: See inside the couple’s incredible Derry home renovation

A Derry couple have shared a glimpse of their home’s incredible transformation.

Tattoo artists Cailiosa (Cal) Melaugh (32) and Andy Moore (45) live just outside of town.

They moved into their property in November 2021 and decided to do a renovation so that their home could match their exact styles.

The duo shared some money-saving tips and also did recycling and DIY jobs themselves.

Cal told Be: “Our house was originally on PropertyPal as the sale agreed that we had rung and asked about three times over a period of about six months. During the same period we had visited many properties, but none were really what we wanted.

“We noticed it was back on the market in September 2021 and we finally saw it the next morning, dropped an unsolicited bid on the aisle which was accepted within ten minutes. We couldn’t believe it We moved in mid-November 2021. We knew we had things to change, but this was the house we had always returned to online, and when we saw it, we knew it was perfect for us and the family.

She added: “To be honest, even without the work we’ve done so far, we feel so lucky to have this home, we never would have thought we’d be so lucky to own a home like this.”

Cal told us the ins and outs of their impressive renovation!

Why did you decide to do a renovation?

We decided to do a renovation because we couldn’t find anything that suited both of us exactly. Andy loves new sets and I love older sets, so a renovation meant we could create something in between for us. Plus, with a budget to work with, it meant we could buy a more affordable property and do the work gradually. Finding the right home with everything you need and within your budget can be difficult.

We plan in the future to completely change the kitchen layout and add an extension to create a large kitchen/social area, but for now we have focused on the basics of laying new floors, walls plastered, painted and overall put our stamp on our home.

What were the hardest times?

Initially, when we finally moved in, the house as planned was upside down with our stuff all over the place. Living between painted, plastered rooms, having no master bedroom to begin with and just doing a normal family/work life like trying to cook dinners, do laundry and take care of a St Bernard dog who was very unstable at first, was the hardest part. We quickly got to the heart of the matter.

What were the best tracks?

Besides creating a home we love and making it our own, the best part was seeing the kids love the house and settle in right away. Everyone has their own space that we didn’t have before in the house we were renting before. We all had instant contentment here, as if it was always ours.

What would you say to others who are considering a renovation?

If you think about it, we’d say go for it! Don’t take on a project that is too huge or unrealistic for yourself, but what you take on – enjoy the process.

Did you encounter any difficulties?

Not so much difficulty, but we had some tricky things to change or fix when we moved in. We were also very happy to have a burner in the living room but unfortunately when we had it checked it turned out that we needed to replace it so it will sit unused until we sort that out. So far so good, there’s nothing we haven’t been able to address.

Where do you get the inspiration for the interiors from?

We sort of make it up as we go, but we follow a lot of personal accounts on our Instagram page (@renov8.numbereight) and there are so many more with completely different styles and decors in their homes. Some are recycled/DIY and some are just the opposite, but all create something to their liking. These personal accounts are great to follow and everyone will share tips, businesses and any ideas they have. All great for interior inspiration.

Do you have any money-saving tips for others who are remodeling their homes?

We strongly recommend that you complete any projects or decorations that you are capable of doing yourself. It may take time, but the feeling of accomplishment is very rewarding. Using the likes of Facebook Marketplace to find statement furniture at affordable prices, you can then recycle it if you want to create something unique that no one else has. There are many decorating and DIY “hacks” online – even if you are a beginner, it will save you a lot of money. A lick of paint or even adding extra throw pillows, artwork or candles to a room can completely transform its appearance without breaking the bank.

What DIY/upcycling pieces have you made yourself?

We recycled quite a few pieces of furniture we already had or purchased from Facebook Marketplace to create some standout pieces. A local salvage yard saved some treated wood for us and Andy created a feature wall with it in the living room. We also wanted a simple abstract mural in the guest bedroom, so we used the leftover paint and went for it. You’d be surprised how much recycling and DIY can bring to your home and it will save you a lot of money.

Take a look at the transformation in our gallery below!