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Production company sued for shoddy home renovation

Property Brothers Scandal: A brother is currently facing a shoddy home renovation charge. Yes, your assumption is correct, we are talking about “Property Brothers”. Cineflix, which produces Canadian reality TV on HGTV, is still facing legal action from a couple who appeared on the TV show and felt ‘cheated and bamboozled’ after finding several issues with their renovation of expensive and expensive house. Despite Jonathan and Drew Scott’s goal of helping couples find their dream home by using the term “state-of-the-art” programs for renovation and construction, the production company behind Property Brother does currently the subject of a lawsuit by a couple who are originally from Las Vegas. Follow more updates at GetIndiaNews.com

Property Brothers Scandal

The couple reportedly discovered numerous issues with their home renovation, which surfaced on an episode of the hit and popular HGTV television series. Mindy King and Paul have informed KTNY that they are suing Cineflix (the company that produces Property Brothers) and local contractor, Villa Construction, who worked on their home after leaving exposed foundation wires, loose doors, uneven baseboards and a number of renovations. not performing according to code. The siblings themselves have not been named in a lawsuit.

To shed some light on this, for the Scott siblings to work with local contractors on the properties featured on the show, the owners of the homes in each episode must first take care of the expenses. The Kings paid a hefty sum of around $193,000 to Cineflix to renovate their home in 2019 after hearing about a casting call from Property Brothers in 2018. With promises of perfect HGTV quality, the duo have said they had honeymooned on one side the money and signed the contract which ensured that all work would be performed to code.

Although a couple’s confidence plummeted after finding the renovations shoddy, Paul told KTNY that “for anyone who’s just walked in, it’s really good by far, but it’s nowhere near good.” . Before taking legal action, the duo claimed to have given Cineflix and Villa Construction enough time to deal with and resolve the issues the couple discovered in their home. Even so, construction companies and production have so far been at odds. Mindy filed a complaint with the Nevada State Contractors Board (NSCB) listing more than 90 defects, but the board only addressed ten of those listed as justified and issued a notice to correct those defects to Villa Construction.