Project plan

Pleasantville Pool Project Plan Progressing

Plans for a renovated municipal swimming pool in Pleasantville are progressing as village officials and the project engineer focus on designing the filtration building that would prevent debris from polluting the pool after heavy storms.

Steve Rimkunas of Rimkunas Engineering said his team is determining the water volume for the new pool and is working with Bruin Engineering of Westbury, NY on the analysis.

“The volume of water controls everything we do and then we can set up our filtration system which drives the design of the filtration building,” he said.

In 2019, a severe storm rolled significant amounts of mud and silt into the pool causing the water pumps to fail. The relocation and reconstruction of the current filter room, which has long been deemed not up to Westchester County Health Department code, had been advised in the past.

With nearby Nannahagan Pond, major storms have posed a risk of overflow into the pool. Village administrator Eric Morrissey said finalizing an analysis of Nannahagan Pond and some repair work could increase the cost of the project, currently estimated at around $3 million.

“What we just saw is that these 25-50 year storms don’t happen every 25 or 50 years,” Morrissey said. “So we need to rethink protecting our assets in light of that.”

The size and design of the new filtration building will accompany the final pool design that will be submitted to the county health department next April.

“In terms of safety with respect to waterborne illnesses that can occur in a public swimming pool, we must ensure that the sanitizer (used) meets the New York State Sanitary Code which is specific to swimming pools” , said Rimkunas. “The code is complete and very detailed.”

When the county health department approves the design, it will conduct a final review to check if it meets safety protocols, he said. The village plans to put the project out to competition in early May and award the bid in June. Construction would begin once the pool closes at the end of next summer.

Morrissey and Rimkunas expect to have an estimate of 90% of the total project cost by early February.

“At this point we can go ahead with a bond resolution that gives us the power to borrow up to a certain limit,” Morrissey said.

The cost of the new pool will be primarily funded by a bond, which would be subject to a permissive referendum. Board members said there could be a modest increase in pool membership fees to help defray some of the expenses.

The Pleasantville Pool Task Force had previously proposed a design for the pool based on a survey that drew approximately 1,000 responses from residents. The new pool is expected to be 11,017 square feet, approximately 20% larger than the current pool, have a zero-entry area, additional lanes, a waterslide and possibly a diving board. The paddling pool will include water geysers.

A series of inspections by the county health department will be carried out during construction to ensure that the pool is built according to approved plans. Once construction is complete, the Department of Health will perform a final inspection and certify that the pool has been constructed correctly.

Rimkunas said he was confident the village could open the new pool for the 2023 season.

“We will start construction the day after you close (in 2022) and you will be open for the next season,” he said. “That’s what we’re organized for. And then everyone can go swimming, and everyone will be safe.