Project plan

Oak Ridge North City Council discusses capital project master plan

Teddy Bear Park will include approximately $200,000 in updates. (Courtesy of Oak Ridge North)

On June 12, Oak Ridge North City Council continued its discussion of projects to include in its capital project master plan, such as a new public works building. The council is working to secure a loan from the Oak Ridge North Economic Development Corp., which is funded by sales tax revenue, to fund its capital improvement projects.

The plan will include water, sewer, drainage, street, sidewalk and park projects, according to the city council.

As previously reported by Community Impact Journalthe loan will include funding for a new city public works facility, which will cost about $2 million to $2.5 million, according to city officials.

Additionally, the plan will include funding to update Teddy Bear Park, located at 27207 Robinson Road, Oak Ridge North, officials said. Updates will include new play structures, benches, picnic tables, swings and an LED sign. Park updates will cost about $200,000, according to documents provided by the city manager.

Funding secured for the capital master plan will fund projects for the next three to five years, according to the board.

“We need to decide which projects are a priority for us, and when we know that, then we’ll have an idea of ​​how much money we need,” Council member Alex Jones said.

According to the council, the financing will come mainly from a loan obtained from EDC. The EDC is a nonprofit citizen volunteer group funded by $0.005 in dedicated sales tax, according to the organization’s website. Its aim includes attracting and promoting businesses in the city, according to the organization.

Also at its June 12 meeting, the city council voted to sell six municipal vehicles to offset the cost of new equipment, including a dump truck. Council also approved a payment of $40,567.50 for planned construction at Woodson Road and Blueberry Hill Road.