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New Traditional Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Betsy and Manny live in this former Savannah home with their 2-year-old twins, Jordi and Axel, and their puppy, Riley. They bought it a year and a half ago, but when they bought it, it had been a rental house for a number of years, with a previous owner who lived out of state.

“The roof was knocked down and there were buckets in the living room to catch the rain,” Betsy describes while touring the house. “The plaster walls were damaged. Squirrels nested in the eaves. We didn’t have a working refrigerator.

“The previous owners live out of state and hadn’t seen the house in years. They had no idea what state he was in – or if they did, they didn’t care. We really thought it could be a family home again,” Betsy writes. The couple didn’t have a ton of cash to complete the renovation, so they tackled many of the projects themselves.

“To stay within budget, we refurbished the hardwood floors, painted, then assembled and hung new chandeliers,” Betsy writes. “We also tiled the bathrooms ourselves and Manny installed the butcher block countertops in the kitchen with my stepdad.”

“It has not been an easy road; our twins weren’t even a year old when we moved in. But we are happy that our house is beginning to regain some of its former glory.

Thank you, Betsy and Manny! Check out all the completed renovations to their home in their guided tour.