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New Survey Shows Why Canadian Homeowners Are Updating Their Siding

Composite Siding Offers Key Benefits to Meet Consumer Demands

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio, April 26, 2022 /CNW/ — Our homes are our castles, but when it comes to renovations, what motivates homeowners to invest? Gentek®a leading manufacturer of exterior building products, commissioned a national survey of nearly 700 Canadian homeowners, conducted online by The Harris Poll, to delve into homeowner decision-making, particularly when it comes to exterior siding .

A new siding can dramatically improve a home’s performance, curb appeal and value – which is likely why nearly half of Canadian homeowners (45%) have had a new siding installed on their home at some point. . What motivated them to choose this project? Gentek dug a little deeper to answer this question.


  • Aesthetic: 38% replaced their siding increase the curb appeal of their homeand 26% said they did so because “they didn’t like the look of their old upholstery”.
  • Energetic efficiency : 33% hoped increase the energy efficiency of their home by modernizing their coating.
  • Damage: 27% of those who had new siding installed cited damage as a reason for replacement. On the other hand, among those who have never installed new siding, 44% say it is because their siding was in good condition.
  • Maintenance: 24% said they hoped reduce their exterior maintenance by adding new siding to their homes.

“The exterior of a house is the first impression for the house and the owner,” said Philippe Bourbonniere, Executive Vice President, Gentek Building Products. “Siding and various trim components can have a dramatic effect in increasing the curb appeal of the home.”

Gentek offers a composite siding system that uniquely combines many of the characteristics homeowners look for in siding: performance, beauty and minimal maintenance. Plus, while other companies offer warranties that only cover 15 years, Gentek offers best-in-class Limited Lifetime Warranty based on the performance and thoughtful engineering of the ALIGN™ Composite Siding System.

Composite siding offers a superior alternative to conventional siding such as vinyl, fiber cement, and engineered wood, making it an ideal solution for homeowners, builders, and remodelers. For example, ALIGN Composite Cladding is the world’s first composite cladding designed with (GP)2 Technology – a combination of glass-reinforced polymer and graphite-infused polystyrene – for exceptional durability and efficiency. It meets or exceeds industry test standards and criteria for wind load, handling, flame spread/smoke development and weatherability. The composite liner even features an insulated design for improved thermal performance, with an R-value of 2.0* for potential energy saving benefits.

As for aesthetics, the product offers a flat-faced cedar grain that replicates the look of real wood demanded by today’s homeowners. Fade-resistant color palettes range from timeless to on-trend to match any homeowner’s style. The virtually maintenance-free finish requires no sealing, touch-up paint, joint flashing or caulking. Once installed, the siding retains that “just installed” look for as long as it is in place. Plus, to complete the curb appeal, homeowners, builders and remodelers can choose from a variety of compatible trim, window and accessory options for all finishing touches.

Canadian homeowners now have a siding option that doesn’t have them choosing between a virtually maintenance-free finish or the look of authentic wood – they can have both. For more information on the ALIGN Composite Cladding System, visit aligncompositecladding.com.

About Gentek
Gentek’s mission is to create successful partnerships with contractors, builders, distributors and dealers by providing and servicing industry-leading outdoor construction products and solutions. The company helps its partners create or restore exceptional residential, multi-family and light commercial structures that are energy efficient, comfortable, durable and beautiful to the home or building owner. Gentek operates more than 20 company-owned supply centers across Canada and owned by Associated Materials, LLC. For more information or to locate your local Gentek supply center, visit gentek.ca.

Survey method:
This survey was conducted online in Canada by The Harris Poll on behalf of Gentek of March 22-25, 2022 among 686 Canadian owners aged 18 and over. The sampling precision of Harris online polls are measured using a Bayesian credibility interval. For this study, the sample data is accurate to +2.8 percentage points using a 95% confidence level. For the full survey methodology, including weighting variables and subgroup sample sizes, please contact Susan DiMauro at [email protected].

*When applied directly to coating. Energy savings may vary. Visit https://aligncompositecladding.com/resource-library/ for more information.


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