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MDHA Committee Evaluates Mixed-Use Project Plan | Development

The Metro Development and Housing Agency’s design review board on Tuesday assessed the proposed project’s concept plan for a downtown site with parking and surface parking, but did not vote.

If it comes to fruition, the 15-story building — with residential, commercial and structured parking spaces — will rise on two lots, at 215-217 Third Ave. N., and will interact with both Bankers Alley and Printers Alley.

The effort will require the demolition of the existing garage, according to documents submitted to the Service d’amenagement du métro. It should be noted that the structure will offer a four-level component (a sort of walkway) on Banker’s Alley, with a smaller building rising at 215 Third Ave. N. (this lot currently offers surface parking).

The building that is to sit at 215 Third Ave. was designed at its modest height to provide a suitable context for the older structures to the immediate south, according to the documents. The tallest part of the overall structure (at 217 Third Ave. N.) is designed to rise 180 feet. For comparison, the Hotel Indigo structure on an adjacent site rises nearly 200 feet.

An investor group led by Nashville-based Gabe Coltea (former co-owner of the UBS Downtown Tower) is asking the Metro Planning Department for permission to change the height of the department’s downtown code. Rubicon, Coltea’s property development and investment company, would oversee the project.

The owners brought in the Nashville office of Austin-based STG Design to handle the architectural work. David Johnston, company director, is overseeing the effort.

The property is within the MDHA’s Capitol Mall Redevelopment District and as such, RDC approval will be required.

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In other business, the DRC has approved a concept plan and the design of the proposed changes to the square which faces the fifth third center of the city center.

Chicago-based EQ Office owns the skyscraper, which sits at 424 Church Street.

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