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Jasmine Roth shares her perspective on home renovation

In a recent interview with Realtor.com, designer Jasmine Roth shared a ton of great ideas for homeowners who are starting home renovations. And one piece of advice in particular may surprise some. When asked what she thought of where the owners should start the renovations, Roth suggested starting with the master bedroom.

“My recommendation is a little different than most designers’,” Roth said. “I think most people would say start with the kitchen. It’s the heart of the house. It’s the most used space. And while I see it as a benefit, I actually recommend starting by the master bedroom and the bathroom because what we do I don’t realize our sanctity and our ability to reset is usually in that space, right We come home at the end of the day, we need a place that feels like ours.

The Hidden potential The star later revealed there were some things she would have done differently with her own home, including creating more space to work from home.

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“So I think at this point my main focus is that we try to find a second work-from-home space,” she explained. “We have an office. And now we’re trying to create another area where my husband and I can work from home at the same time, interview, talk loudly, and not have to worry about waking the baby or walking. on each other’s toes.”

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