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Interior designer shares home renovation mistakes to avoid

The excitement of remodeling can become overwhelming, leading to project fatigue and decision burnout, says Juliana Oliveira, don’t waste your time or money.

DALLAS — Interior design experts say the home improvement craze will continue through 2022.

Interior designer Juliana Oliveira of Beyond Interior Design shares top home trends and five mistakes homeowners often make when updating their home’s aesthetic.

Oliveira told Daybreak Anchor Kara Sewell to expect to see more tactile materials in the new year, including wood, plaster, clay and finishes with textures from nature.

Next, she said to look for welcoming furniture with curves, bright colors and warm vibes; it’s as if your house is giving you a hug.

“I think the first thing I would recommend is changing the fixtures, the fixtures, it’s instant gratification; it changes the whole vibe of the space. You don’t necessarily need an electrician to change a light fixture,” Oliveira said.

Oliveira also suggests creating an accent wall with peel and stick wallpaper as a modest overhaul that packs a big punch.

Supply chain issues and labor shortages have turned interior designers into logistics experts, making Oliveira’s list of common renovation mistakes all the more important.

First, “Plan, order everything, know what to expect, know there will be delays, wait for everything to start happening before you demonstrate,” Oliveira said.

Second, “Know in advance what you are going to do. It’s very easy to get caught up in a project and make decisions as you go. The decisions you make today affect what happens tomorrow and when you do a renovation, it’s not just you,” Oliveira said.

Third, “It really helps to have everything ready before you start, the trader is so much faster and more efficient when he has all the material,” Oliveira said.

Fourth, Oliveira reminds people to be prepared for unexpected glitches and errors, and to add buffers around your deadline.

And fifth, consider hiring a professional, general contractors and designers. They can help solve problems faster because of their experience and perspective.

“Whenever you don’t have clear plans for your project and you don’t know where you are going or you don’t have someone in charge of the whole project, then you don’t know who to look for, to get I’ve been on a lot of different projects where people brought us in because they were stuck in a situation like that,” Oliveira said.

The excitement of remodeling can become overwhelming, leading to project fatigue and decision burnout, Oliveira said, don’t waste your time or money.