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How to Start a Home Improvement Project: Expert Advice from Mom Squad

During the pandemic, many families found they needed more space. The owners want to renovate, but at what cost? The HGTV star and entrepreneur break it down

CLEVELAND — Real estate app Zillow found that 46% of homeowners are considering or undertaking a home improvement project. In today’s Mom Squad, we talk to Darren Mancuso of Mancuso Homes about whether remodeling is right for you, the real costs, and the trends he’s seeing among his clients who want more space. Her beautiful renovations have landed her a show on HGTV known as Relief Properties.

Let’s talk about kitchens first. These are the most coveted remodeled spaces, but people are often shocked by the stickers when evaluating a remodel.

“I think there are definitely kitchens you could do for $50,000, no doubt,” Mancuso says. “I think the kitchens our customers want, though, are more in the $100,000 range. You know, we’re taking down the walls, we’re opening things up, so I’d say, you know, without giving specific numbers, I’d say $100,000 is more [realistic].”

The price of materials has increased since the COVID pandemic, along with shipping and supply chain issues. If you are going to renovate, keep in mind that it will take longer for your materials to arrive.

“We could just rely on devices with a two-week lead time,” Mancuso says of the past. “So now, kitchen cabinets, windows, appliances, that kind of stuff, as soon as we know we’re doing the project, we order those things up front.”

Mancuso says his clients are also looking for home office space, but a big trend is also toward master bedroom suites. The owners are looking to add glamorous soaking tubs, walk-in closets, and other amenities to make their master suite an oasis.

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Editor’s note: The video in the player above was originally published in a previous edition of Mom Squad on March 15, 2022.