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Home renovation leads to the discovery of more than 150 bowling balls on a family’s porch

David Olson, 33, said he discovered more than 150 bowling balls when he tore down the concrete slab on the porch of his home in Norton Shores.

“Before I smashed anything with a hammer, I was able to pull one of the cinder blocks off to the side and take a look,” Olson said. “I saw a pile of sand and half of a black and blue sphere, and that’s when I got intrigued and started picking up the sand and realized that it was was a bowling ball.”

He then started digging deeper into the sand and realized that there wasn’t just one bowling ball under his porch – before he knew it, he discovered 15 bowling balls. Since he didn’t know how long the balls had been there or how they got there, Olson called the manufacturer, Brunswick Bowling Products, to confirm that none of the materials used to make the balls had become toxic.

A man plays a perfect game with his father's ashes inside the ball

Olson said Brunswick confirmed they were clean and had him take pictures. Some bullets had serial numbers and engravings that dated back to the 1950s, the same period in which Olson’s house was built. However, it is not known when they were placed under the house.

Some of the bowling balls had serial numbers and engravings dating back to the 1950s.

In total, Olson pulled 158 bowling balls out from under his house – and he said that might just be the start.

“Surrounding the cement stairway is a patio made of cobblestones, and a few weren’t level, so I removed them… and encountered a few more bullets,” he said. “I’m about 75% sure that there are as many balls in the ground as there are, maybe even more.”

Olson said there might be more bowling balls in another area of ​​the porch.
The story has been shared around the world and Olson even started a Facebook page for bowling ball fans to follow the continuing saga.

As for what he does with them, it’s a bit mixed. He gave away a few, but he and his wife plan to get creative with the rest, like using them as decorative paving stones in their garden.