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Home renovation feature 2022 – Canberra Weekly

Thinking of renovating your home? Discover the advertisers in this special Renovation section to find out how they can help you optimize your investment and bring your ideas to life.

For over 12 years now, ACT Renovations has been building and renovating homes across the

The Canberra region with thoughtful taste, pride and the highest quality designs and execution.

Their interior designers are committed to guiding you as smoothly as possible in your renovation journey and are there to accompany you from the beginning to the end of the project.

Winners of the Master Builder’s Bathroom Award in 2021, ACT Renovations takes the stress out of renovations by being a complete project management company. Your journey will start with the designers, then hand over to the project management team, then the construction team will complete your dream renovation.

With 25 years of combined experience from Canberra’s top project managers, interior designers and craftsmen, there’s no one better to handle your renovation than ACT Renovations.

A small, local family business, Daylight Artistry is here to help you design your perfect daylight solution. Providing Canberra and surrounding areas with natural light results, including Solatube daylighting systems and Velux skylights, Daylight Artistry ensures the highest quality of work, guaranteed.

The passionate team work hard to create beautiful light spaces in your home and work closely with clients to design and create the perfect daylight solution for your home – whether it’s a spectacular Velux creation in the kitchen or hallway with Solatube installed. Natural lighting systems.

General Manager Ben is a carpenter and builder by trade and can offer you sound construction advice from start to finish and all-inclusive skylight installations, giving you peace of mind and exceptional results.

Visit our Instagram page to see some of our @daylight_artistry work.

The art of daylight

Looking for an innovative alternative to expensive traditional underlays? Look no further than Resinject.

If you’re struggling with sagging foundations that lead to cracks in floors and walls, sidewalks or driveways, they’ll fix it in a snap.

With over 65 years of experience as licensed builders, Resinject has brought together a wide range of ideas and understanding when approaching the raising and leveling of sagging foundations.

They treat sagging foundations, cracked walls, floors and concrete slabs with a reliable approach, and can provide cost-effective and time-saving solutions for residential, industrial, commercial, civil and mining services.

Over 12,000 customers support the work of Resinject, which is backed by a 50-year warranty, so contact Resinject for a free quote and guaranteed results.


A breath of fresh air in the financial industry, Canberra Advice Financial Planning is a private practice with no alignment with any financial institution and no vertical integration with product providers.

More importantly, there are no sales targets within the company, ensuring that every solution is provided in the best interest of the customer.

Principal Advisor Serhan Mackey is highly educated, capable and professionally and commercially astute, and is passionate about improving financial literacy and investing with ESG considerations.

“My practice focuses on providing advice to people nearing retirement, Australian civil servants and anyone who is a member of government or military defined benefit schemes (PSS, CSS, MSBS and DFRDB),” Serhan said.

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