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Good Girls Christina Hendricks’ home renovation will leave you speechless

Hannah Hargrave

Christina Hendricks reached out to her fans in a moment of despair on Wednesday when she shared a photo of the house she is remodeling – and they are truly shocking.

the Mad Men the star expressed his anguish and frustration as the house she’s been waiting for months to convert still looks like a pile of rubble.

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Christina lashed out at her contractor and raged that absolutely nothing had been done.

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Next to a photo she posted on Instagram, she wrote: “Progress ?????? Nooooooooo progress. Let me know if you want his name. He is really awesome. #remodelhell #nightmare #entrepreneurnightmare.”

Her social media followers were horrified by the mess and commented, “omg nooooo write this Yelp review,” and another added, “Damn again. What a disaster, Christina.”

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Some fans tried to find a positive side to the situation and pointed out that at least the view from the property was impressive.


Christina’s house still looks like a disaster area

This isn’t the first time Christina has been disappointed when it comes to her home. She shared another heartbreaking glimpse inside the renovation earlier this summer.

Despite buying the house in October 2020, it looks like it has barely taken off.

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Once again, fans rushed to support Christina after she candidly revealed: “Progress???? Absolutely no progress. I need advice guys…..my contractor has had this project since last October. #remodelhell #desperate #craftsmanremodel.”

Christina’s frustrations rise at home

In May, she admitted the house was a bit of a “nightmare”, but still seemed thrilled to fall for the Los Angeles home.

When she first bought it, she also informed fans on social media and wrote: “I’m scared, I can’t lie but I’m so excited to design every inch of it. My wonderful friend @beverlyhillsorganizer will design the layout and I will do all the aesthetic design. It’s going to be a beauty!”

Hoping that’s when it’s finally finished!

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