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Drew Barrymore broke down in tears over shocking discovery amid home renovation

Beatrice Colon

Who would have thought that partially destroying one’s own home could bring someone so much joy? At least this is the case for Drew Barrymore, who unveiled an epic surprise by tearing down the walls of his apartment.

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The star is remodeling his residence, and has proven her commitment to epic renovation with a slew of videos that see her absolutely tearing down her kitchen.

She worked hard – and thrilled – proven by a video she posted of her getting dirty, taking a hammer to its ornate walls, pink cabinets and green backsplash.

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Although the video, which was hilarious to the Home Depot theme song, sounded pretty aggressive, Drew insisted she was just happy to tear down her kitchen, and she wrote, “Don’t bother me, I’m just having the time of my LIFE.”

While her sledgehammer shenanigans clearly brought her joy, it was nothing compared to an epic surprise she unveiled when she knocked down a specific wall, which immediately brought tears to her eyes. eyes.

In a later home renovation video, the actress appeared looking at the sky through a window, and through tears she said, “It’s so hopeful, it’s like something that was so overcast and dark… you can open it up and create light.”

Drew’s moment of emotional renovation

She went on to explain that people who had lived in her apartment before her, “for whatever reason”, had covered a beautiful window which previously let a lot of light into the house.

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The mother-of-two admitted to fans that she had a strong feeling there might be a window behind the drywall, and the moment she proved right couldn’t have been more emotional.

The star is seriously committed to finding the light

As soon as she opened the unearthed window, Drew let out a big sigh of relief, which was followed by equal amounts of tears and laughterand she repeated, “I knew there was a window, I knew it.”

Fans were quick to express their appreciation for her candor and for sharing this special moment, writing, “This is the purest and most beautiful thing on the internet today,” writing, “You you literally found the light. What a beautiful moment,” as well as, “Congratulations!! This will definitely change the whole room!! What a treasure.”

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