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DENVER HOMES: Home improvement supplies will cost more this spring

DENVER (KDVR) — As the demand for home improvement continues to grow here in Colorado, you’ll notice the prices associated with the materials needed to complete such projects aren’t getting any cheaper.

In the past year alone, home renovation spending has jumped 28%.

According to Denver-based home improvement website Angi, since the pandemic began, the average homeowner has spent about $10,636 on about 3.7 projects.

Here is an overview of some recent price increases:

  • Living room, kitchen and dining room furniture up 19.9% ​​(YOY)
  • home appliances grew 8.5% year over year
  • Flooring is up 7.2% year over year
  • Window coverings increased 16.2% year over year

In terms of hiring professionals to help with any home projects, Angi experts say labor prices have remained fairly consistent over the past year.

“If you hire a handyman or professional before calling him for a job, think about all the little things he can do in your home. A lot of handymen have hourly minimums or things like that – that way you maximize your time and their time to do a whole bunch of projects at once and really save on the budget in the long run,” said said Mallory Micich, a home improvement expert at Angi.

According to Thumbtack.com, the average cost for a handyman in the Denver metro is between $60 and $80 per hour, but those prices fluctuate.

As for the most popular home improvement projects Coloradans are considering in 2022, a new survey from Angi revealed the following:

  1. Wallpapering
  2. Remove the popcorn ceiling
  3. Basement renovation

Colorado was the only state to select “wallpaper installation” as the top choice, according to the survey.