Project plan

City makes significant list of improvements in 2022 project plan

By Vicki Brown

The City of Walterboro held a public consultation day on February 10 at the Wildlife Center. The aim was to encourage the public to come forward and fill out forms with suggestions on how to improve the city and to comment on the overall 10-year plan.

Few attended the meeting.

Despite the lack of public participation, city officials are working to complete a massive list of improvements this year. The list includes everything from new parks to the Walterboro downtown renovation plan.

Every 10 years, city leaders gather information from the federal census and work to create a comprehensive plan based on new population demographics and the economy.

As part of this, the Walterboro City Council met in January for a retreat to discuss current goals and future plans.

From this retreat, the board set the following goals and target dates for 2022:

Water and sewer

Extend ongoing water and sewers in the city

Seeking Funding for More Sewer Expansion in Northwest Walterboro

Continue to move utilities for Phase 2 of the I-95 Business Loop Project. The total amount of $121,854.75 will be paid from the net position in the enterprise fund

Additional utility (water) construction work on the 1-95 Business Loop Streetscape Phase 2 and 10 project will be carried out by Wildwood Contractors, Inc. Water mains will be upgraded and replaced around the South State Bank areas, Ireland Creek and Hardees, as well as Mable T. Willis Blvd.

Improve the general appearance of the city

Complete a redevelopment plan for the South Jeffries Corridor by June 30, 2022.

Phase 2 of the Business Loop project, including signage and landscaping, is to be completed by June 30, 2022.

Complete a plan for using American Rescue Act funds by June 30, 2022.

Formalize and monitor the waste reporting and control system. This possibly includes hiring a contractor for cleanup.

Formalize the Downtown Redevelopment Plan by December 2022. This includes the City’s potential purchase of buildings in the Downtown.

Formalize the Ireland Creek master plan and seek funding.

Work with the Colleton County Legislative Delegation to establish representation on the CLC by June 2022.

Flood and stormwater management

Create an inventory of flood-prone properties across the city by December 31, 2022.

Growth management

Do a cost-benefit analysis on the annexation of neighborhoods.

Working with citizens living in donut holes.

Implement zoning for growth management.


Demolition of the water tower park.

Commence repair/replacement of Walterboro Wildlife Sanctuary boardwalk.

Make a sidewalk plan.

Identify the location of a park on the south side of town.

Continue to fund the resurfacing of tennis courts.

New board members

The following Board and Commission members have indicated that they would like to continue serving on their respective Boards and Commissions:

Accommodations Tax Committee-Alta Mae Marvin (3-year term expiring January 1, 2025), Christie Slocum (3-year term expiring January 1, 2025) and Michelle Strickland (3-year term expiring January 1, 2025); Historic Preservation Commission-Sherry Cawley (2-year term expiring January 1, 2024); Municipal Planning Commission-Chris Bickley (4-year term expiring January 1, 2026); Tree Protection Committee-Calvin Bailey (2-year term expiring January 1, 2024), Mitzi Carter (2-year term expiring January 1, 2024) and Sue Tilden (2-year term expiring January 1, 2024).