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Christina Hendricks shows fans how she uses small spaces in home renovation video

Christina Hendricks gives fans a glimpse of his latest home renovation.

The actress worked with Beverly Hills Organizer Linda Koopersmith, who shared a clip on her Instagram that showcased the perfect way to bring a small room to life through design and furniture.

The video started with an image of an empty room, before switching to a video that showed the final rooms Hendricks had added to the space.

The interior design included a single bed accented with various colorful throw pillows including mustard yellow, red and teal to match the walls of the room.

Hendricks also added a wooden desk with teal legs, as well as a wooden chair which she placed next to the wall next to the bed. She added a rustic red and beige rug, along with framed photos of birds that brought it all together.

“The Bird Room….Love Christina’s choices for this very small room. #artisan #maisonartisanale #homedecor #homerenovation #remodel #collaboration #christinahendricks #lindakoopersmith” Koopersmith captioned the post.

Hendricks bought the 1908 craftsman-style home two years ago with the intention of “bringing it back to life” after hearing it would otherwise be demolished.

The actress sparked controversy when she first shared with followers that she was renovating the house, with many fans saying Hendricks would “destroy this beautiful old house”.

The good girls The actress took to her Instagram to defend her decision to update the house, noting, “I brought this house back to life with so much love after years of neglect and a makeover in the 1980s. .

“I’m a real lover of old homes and their charms and have done everything in my power to retain all the old historic touches,” she wrote in the caption.

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Hendricks continued: “It breaks my heart to see comments that I’m ruining an old house. This house was going to be sold to a developer to tear down and put in multiple units, so I’m so happy to save an old 1908 craftsman. J ‘ve found this awesome @americh.corp #bow tub which is beautifully retro and fits the style of the house. And these awesome @franzviegener faucets and towel rails just sparkle! @beverlyhillsorganizer.”

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