Home renovation

Charlotte-based home improvement company sees boom in inquiries

CHARLOTTE, NC (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — In addition to an already buoyant housing market, a record number of homeowners across the United States are remodeling their living space.

“We’ve done many renovation projects in the past, but this is bigger than anything we’ve ever done,” said owner Amanda Kupchella.

Kupchella and her husband bought a South Charlotte home last March with plans to remodel it months ago.

“Between the timelines the contractors were giving us and choosing a contractor that we knew we would have a good partnership with, it took six months to make that decision,” Kupchella said.

Thanks to recommendations, the couple booked with DGK Construction.

“The remodeling doesn’t stop, it just keeps going up and up,” said DGK Construction co-owner Eddy Kishko.

The Charlotte-based renovation company has seen a boom in inquiries.

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Before the pandemic, they undertook around 50 projects a year. Two years later, they book between 100 and 150 a year.

“They want an oasis now. Thus, they spend more time at home, they pay more attention. They want to come home and feel refreshed, renewed, so they’re adding office space, study rooms for kids, and obviously revitalizing the most important thing: kitchens and bathrooms as well,” Kishko said.

He says more projects mean the need for more resources. DGK Construction has doubled its workforce, offers higher pay and books projects six months in advance.

“So we’re going to install a pantry here,” said DGK Construction designer Liliana Kishko. “The fridge goes here.”

She says the pandemic has forced people to look at their living space with a more critical eye, focusing on specific areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

“It leans more towards a practical lifestyle as they spend more time at home. They think about the time they spend in the kitchen, so they think more concretely,” Liliana said.

“Everyone feels the same that home is now really the heart. We spend so much time here cooking and just being at home. It’s above everyone’s mind, comfort, happiness and everything,” Kupchella said.