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‘Celebrity IOU’ Season 4 Episode 3 Preview: Snoop Dogg plans to renovate longtime friend’s house

“Celebrity IOU” is undoubtedly one of HGTV’s most popular shows, with viewers eagerly awaiting new episodes every Monday. Snoop Dogg and the Scott Brothers team up in the Season 4 Episode 3 promo to give Snoop Dogg’s Football League commissioner his dream home. The final episode was comedy perfection, with comedian Howie Mandel thanking his tour manager with a one-of-a-kind condo renovation.

The teaser for the new episode shows Snoop Dogg working with the Property Brothers to renovate his football league commissioner’s house. The iconic rapper collaborated with the stars of Property Brothers to renovate the garage of his 16-year-old friend, ‘Commish’, with whom he co-founded his youth soccer league. Snoop says Commish has changed “thousands” of lives since then. The kids in his youth league went on to college and even the NFL.


‘Celebrity IOU’ preview: Howie Mandel teams up with Property Brothers to revamp his friend’s condo

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You can check out the promo for the episode here:

In the next episode preview, Snoop Dogg takes command, showing the Property Brothers – Jonathan and Drew – where to put the cushions. As Snoop teaches the Property Brothers how to “get organized”, Drew feels like he now has two people telling him what to do instead of just Jonathan. To end the video, Snoop showed Jonathon and Drew how to set up a marble coffee table, then applauded their teamwork, saying, “You work well together!” He was happy with the finished, sleek product, saying the duo were “overwhelmed” on the garage makeover. Snoop was named an honorary “Property Brother” after working with remodeling and spending time with HGTV celebrities. So expect another entertaining episode with fun banter, to keep up the momentum created in Howie Mandel’s episode last week.

According to Snoop Dogg, he wanted to recognize the influence his football league commissioner had on the children in the community. Snoop has decided that now that Commish has transformed the lives of so many people, it’s time for him to be rewarded with a mind-blowing makeover. Snoop works with Jonathan and Drew, the Property Brothers, to turn Commish’s old garage into a man cave and office space where he can hold meetings and take time for himself. Snoop and the Scott brothers tricked Commish into thinking he was making a movie about Snoop’s life. When they enter his backyard in Compton, California, they tell the football coach that they are about to turn his freestanding garage into an office and meeting space for the league.

Snoop Dogg being quite helpful during the remodel (as shown in the promo), it wasn’t a bad idea for the Property Brothers to add a famous member of the team. The brothers weren’t afraid to take a chance and Snoop, being Snoop, took on the challenge with confidence.

Celebrity IOU features Hollywood stars expressing their heartfelt thanks to people who have made a significant difference in their lives by surprising them with big, sentimental renovations.

In this week’s episode, find out if Snoop Dogg, Drew and Jonathan can turn things around and become the “new” Property Brothers team. The final episode of HGTV’s ‘Celebrity IOU’ premieres Monday, May 2 at 9 p.m. | 8c. The episodes are also available on Discovery+.

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