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Bedrooms are often the last places a homeowner considers when renovating their home, seeing these rooms more for utility than…

Bedrooms are often the last places a homeowner considers when renovating their home, seeing these rooms more for utility than potential beauty. But making smart changes through big and small upgrades can turn an everyday bedroom into a place where you can rest, recharge and become the best version of yourself, interior designers and experts agree. in renovation.

“Our bedrooms should be places that truly serve us,” says Jasmine Roth, host of Help! I destroyed my house” and author of “House Story: Insider Secrets to the Perfect Home Renovation”.

Roth says many of her clients renovate a child’s bedroom before they think about the master bedroom, which she says is “counterproductive because at the end of the day our kids don’t really care” about it. what’s in their room.

On the contrary, professional renovators like Roth and interior designers say bedrooms should serve the homeowner as a place to sleep, relax and mentally prepare for the next day. These renovations can be significant, such as adding an en-suite bathroom or a walk-in closet, or more economical, such as installing wall shelves, installing paneling or painting the walls.

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Invest in a bathroom

As homeowners look to pamper themselves, creating a spa-like experience in a master bedroom or bathroom is more popular than ever, says Patrick Thompson, director of Patrick Thompson Design in Detroit. “Saunas, steam rooms and even a special place for meditation have been common requests over the past couple of years and it’s hard to deny the improvement in these amenities for physical and mental well-being,” says Thompson. “People are realizing that the pace of life doesn’t slow down, so as designers we create spaces that encourage us and force us to slow down.”

Add a walk-in closet or closet organization system

A walk-in closet or walk-in closet combines form and function in key ways, designers say. “It provides the ability to declutter and a place to leave, hang, or lay clothes and add a seating area to sit, relax, and recharge,” says Thompson. “It’s a great way to better program your space and create more functional areas as well as more peaceful spaces.

Christina Giaquinto, professional organizer and brand ambassador for Modular Closets in Lakewood, New Jersey, says closets are the second most important part of a master bedroom after the bed. “When you walk into your closet, you want to feel both a sense of inspiration at the start of your day and a sense of peace at the end of the day when you’re putting away your clothes or getting ready for the next day,” Giaquinto says.

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Look for sustainability

Building energy-efficiently means using materials that are better for your home’s costs and the environment, says Jen Stark, interior designer and home improvement expert at Happy DIY Home in San Francisco. “Another big trend in bedroom construction is the use of more sustainable materials. This means using things like bamboo or cork for flooring and using recycled glass or metal for countertops,” explains Stark.

Look for

The ceiling is an important design element that people often overlook, says Brad Ashman, owner of Chicago Renovation & Development in Glencoe, Illinois. “Whether vaulted or coffered, you can add a lot of drama with a designed ceiling,” says Ashman. “Keep it simple or add additional wood treatments like beams and fixtures to create a point of differentiation.”

Prioritize Windows

Thompson says a bedroom becomes a sanctuary if you include blackout curtains and shades. “Sleep studies prove that sleep is more important than ever and crucial to healthy living, and these window treatments block our light and help drown out outside sounds, creating a true oasis from the outside world,” says Thompson.

Dominique B. Fluker, founder of DBF Interiors in Los Angeles, says new windows can change an entire room. “Update your windows to be more modern – the right light makes a difference in homes and can perfectly accentuate home decor.”

Layer in textures

Thompson also says choosing the right materials in a bedroom can prioritize rest. “A dark, cool bedroom that’s quiet and equipped with a good mattress and soft linens will ensure a good night’s sleep for even the lightest sleeper,” he says.

Believe it or not, paneling is back and adding that texture will up your wall cladding game, says Robin Antill, director of Leisure Buildings in Guildford, UK. “It effortlessly blends traditional and modern aesthetics,” says Antill. “Adding panels to your bedroom is an easy and inexpensive method to make a noticeable design statement without breaking the bank.”

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think about color

Painting the walls is a cost-effective way to change your bedroom from boring to happy. Calming hues such as pale blues, grays and greens are popular, but darker colors can create more privacy in a space. Stefan Bucur, founder of the Rhythm of the Home website in Lewisville, Texas, recommends dark navy blue or classic French gray as well as sage green with gold for a sense of balance and serenity. “These colors help homeowners feel engulfed in a timeless space,” says Bucur.

Add natural elements

Stone, wood and bamboo are increasingly used to create a feeling of warmth. “Wooden furniture, natural fibers and stone accents are all popular choices for bedrooms right now,” says Steven Hill, interior designer and founder of DIY Gazette in Switzerland. “The goal is to create an inviting space, like a cozy cabin in the woods.”

Improve your lighting

Pendant lights and chandeliers can add a touch of glamor while wall sconces provide soft, ambient lighting, Hill says. Smart technology, like motion-sensor lights, also makes a bedroom efficient and practical, Stark adds.

Finishing touches matter

Roth says a bedroom makeover project isn’t complete unless you add at least one piece of greenery, like a real or fake plant, and at least one framed photo of something that makes you happy. “It could be the beach from your last vacation, your dog’s nose or a selfie. It doesn’t even have to be a professional photo. It just has to bring you joy,” Roth says.

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