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A semi Victoria full of color in Hatings

Take a look at Ashia Redhead’s Instagram account and you’ll no doubt be drawn to the bold exterior of her home. The dark blue paintwork paired with the sunny orange front door is quite remarkable – showing a glimpse of the distinct style that continues throughout the interior.

Buying their home in January 2020, Ashia and her partner moved from London to Hastings three months before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK, and they’ve been busy renovating ever since. Seamlessly blending dark tones, nature-inspired shades, and antique furnishings with pops of bright color, she tells us how they created a family home full of personality.

“Since the day we moved in, we have been painting; there is not a centimeter of this house that has not seen a paintbrush, ”she says Stylist. “We are going another two and a half years; we still have to finish the kitchen and we haven’t started our bathroom.”

Ashia Redhead’s kitchen before, Ashia Redhead’s kitchen after

“It’s a Victorian house at the end of the terrace. We were attracted to its location as it is only a 10 minute walk to the beach and there is so much potential to put our own stamp on it.

“The house was a vacation rental, so most of its character had been ripped out. There were cowboy builders who did a lot of bodge work, but we’re here to restore character and fix it.

What was your biggest decorative inspiration at the start of your renovation?

“We are color freaks and maximalists; most of our inspiration comes from holidays and everyday things that inspire us. We painted the house navy with an orange door after taking a picture of my partner in Shoreditch wearing an orange jacket outside a navy house.

“We find inspiration all around us. Also, my mom was hugely influential as she worked in visual merchandise, interiors and is now a florist. She has such creative style ideas. Interiors is my creative outlet; I am particularly drawn to color and texture.

“I particularly like bright and bold colors. Each of the rooms in the house has a completely different atmosphere. We start by first choosing the color of the room – most colors remind us of elements of nature, such as water, greenery, stone and wood.

Which DIY hack are you most proud of?

“Painting our kitchen cabinets is our best DIY. It saved us thousands of dollars. We never thought they would turn out so well.

“It also helped us waste less – the kitchen is quite new and it seemed like a huge waste to rip it out when we could use our imaginations to transform it to our liking. We used Mylands paint in the shade Haymarket No. 47 and the cover is shiny »

Which room do you prefer and why?

“The living room is my favorite room. We painted it Bancha from Farrow & Ball and I’m obsessed with the color.

“This is the room that seems most complete, the shelves housing some of the prized possessions we’ve found over time in charity shops, antique markets and car trunks. My grandparents were antique dealers , so I’m very inspired and learned a lot from them.

“Most of our other items come from the vintage shops we like to explore in Hastings Old Town such as Roberts Rummage, The Rye Emporium or Sivyers Antique Emporium in Bexhill.”

Ashia Redhead's colorful living room
Ashia Redhead’s colorful living room

What has been your biggest renovation challenge?

“Our biggest challenge has to be our exterior. Originally we thought we just had to paint it. however, when the work started, we found that spots needed plastering, new guttering and the roof needed patching. It was a much bigger job than expected. It took a month in total and we used Johnstone paint to match Farrow & Ball’s Scotch Blue shade.

What would you like to know before starting your renovation?

“I wish we hadn’t chosen the paint color for certain rooms before moving in. You definitely have to live in your house to see how the room receives daylight.

“The color we chose for the dining room turned out to be too dark and we had to repaint it from a very dark shade to a neutral shade.

Ashia’s Favorite Personal Instagram Accounts

  • At Shez

    “A beachfront co-owner who brought a property on her own. I love her use of bold colors and patterns throughout.

  • A semi modest

    “I love this colorful home account and the Sunday Scroll series in their highlights.”

  • Block Millennials

    “They are hilarious and what a journey they have been on. A very big renovation while having a lot of fun.

Photograph courtesy of Ashia Redhead