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a bohemian garden makeover in Nottinghamshire

Two years after trying to buy her first home, Shona Manderson aka @myblossomtreeterrace nearly gave up – “I remember thinking it wasn’t meant to be and I started thinking about working there. stranger instead,” she says. Stylist.

As a single, independent woman, she faced countless challenges along the way to securing a mortgage, even before the house hunting began.

A grand total of 10 potential homes later, she’s landed the Victorian patio of her dreams.

Of course, to find a property within the budget, in the right place and in line with what you are looking for is no mean feat, especially in today’s market. But after clicking with the previous owner – and finding the right place with an offer including her lucky number 22 – Shona was thrilled to get the keys to her new home. Then it was time to renovate.

“I started by sanding all the floors, tearing up the carpets and installing new flooring. I also painted the tiles in the bathroom, added wainscoting in the living room, changed all the light switches to gold, and gave the fireplace and garden the glow they deserved. Hannah (the former owner) always tells me how happy she is to see me bring so much love to her first home,” she says.

“I lived alone for nine months and every day was DIY – I put my heart and soul into it before and after work and discovered this new passion, but now I’ve reached the point where I’m ready to put down the paintbrush and enjoy my beautiful little home.

Love the color and personality of Shona, not to mention that dreamy summer house? Here, she explains exactly how she did it…

What was your biggest decorative inspiration at the start of your renovation?

“I had so many ideas for decorating that I love a wide range of interior designs – from Scandi and Japandi, to boho and minimal, to art deco and vintage. decided to go with a different theme in each room while still sticking to an overall color scheme throughout the house, maintaining a consistent flow. I chose pink, green and cream (all paints Lick, which I love) and I matched everything with a golden decor.

“I feel that my house is a true reflection of me. My interior style is heavily influenced by the places I’ve traveled, the things I love, and the experiences I’ve had.

Which DIY hack are you most proud of?

“My favorite DIY project is my upstairs studio, where I now practice yoga, listen to podcasts, and make candles for my small business @sistersandwax.

“I decided to knock out the cupboards to create more space, as well as make curtains with cutouts that my roommate had. I then added many floor cushions in warm H&M house tones, plants , lanterns and fairy lights to create a cozy relaxation area.

Which room do you prefer and why?

“The part of the process that I am most proud of is the renovation of the garden shed. It was previously a typical shed – and it was damp with rotting wood – but there was a lovely seating area out front and I had instant visions of converting it into a garden shed to make more space.

“I had the electrics installed and had a friend knock down the wall on the side of the shed, remove the PVC door and move the opening a little further forward.”

“To let in more natural light, he also installed two windows along the pretty patio doors, which I had salvaged from a schoolyard in Nottingham. He replaced the rotting wood, and I then used Lick Pink 04 to create a bohemian pink atmosphere, it’s the same color as my living room.

“I love how the plants pop against the pink so I filled it with different types and won a cheap rattan furniture set at John Pye auction and matched it with a lampshade. rattan day and baskets to put the blankets in. The shed structure was lined with slate and thick wooden pallets, so I added artificial vines and simple flowers to interweave, creating a simple wall of flowers to cover the slate and go with the botanical theme.

What has been your biggest renovation challenge?

“My shed was the biggest renovation challenge because we did it in the middle of a random freezing cold storm in March. I didn’t do it on a big budget either, so I had to buy Used wood and doors – we found a lot of the wood was rotten that day so we had to start over but it was all worth it in the end.

What do you wish you had known before starting your renovation?

“How addicting it all is. In a good way, of course.

Shona’s Favorite Personal Instagram Accounts

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    “Steph has such great taste in pairing pink and green with a range of pastels to tone down the bolder colors and choosing rattan wood to add a more natural vibe.”

  • Let’s go to the poppies

    “This account is a pastel lover’s dream, especially all of her pretty pillows and candles. She also has so many seashells and flowers, and her house is so much fun.

  • Meg World

    “Meg’s page was one of the first I followed and got so much inspiration for my pink and green theme. She also has two adorable pooches Ella and Peach.

Photography: Courtesy of Shona Manderson