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85 Kitchen Design Ideas – Renovation Ideas for Interior Design

Kitchen of the kitchen: It’s as simple as it gets, with two parallel rows of counters, appliances and built-in storage along two opposite walls. Kitchen kitchens tend to be particularly popular in small spaces, as they work well with standard sizes and also only require two rows with a narrow aisle for standing room.

Right Kitchen: Upright kitchens are common in small spaces and open concept living environments. Unlike the kitchen, all the appliances, storage units and worktops occupy a single wall while the other wall is optimized with décor or strategic storage. Or, if the room is not closed, it opens directly into a larger space. One of the best ways to separate the kitchen space from the living space in this context is to add a piece of furniture, like a small island, that doubles as the counter piece and visually cuts off each space.

L-shape Kitchen: This kitchen layout also takes up two walls. The sink, dishwasher and refrigerator are along one wall or row while the stove is aligned with the island or on the corner wall, forming an L-shape. It is a great choice for busy cooks who prepare lots of meals and appreciate an easy cleanup job.

U-shape Kitchen: Just like above, this is exactly what it sounds like. Fixtures and surface spaces form a U-shape, typically framing the room setting. Typically, the sink and dishwasher will be side by side, then on the corner wall you’ll have your stove and other appliances, like a refrigerator, and one of the counter spaces can even be detach from the wall to create a casual breakfast. bar. It can help streamline the complex kitchen, and if the room is large enough, an island can be added in the center.

Open Kitchen: An open kitchen can also be referred to as the great room, but it only refers to types of kitchens that are open to the living room, family room, dining room, and/or breakfast nook. The shared space allows for more time together and is especially good for families.

Island Kitchen: An island can enhance a kitchen of different layouts, whether you add one to a straight, L-shaped, U-shaped or open kitchen. They can even work great in kitchen kitchens if they are wide enough to fit one. Functionally, they can add extra counter space for cooking and casual dining, they can be outfitted to accommodate additional appliances or sinks, and they allow you to fit in more storage.