Home renovation

8 tips for a successful home renovation

Thinking of remodeling your home? Follow these eight renovation tips to help minimize the hassle during a renovation:

Create a budget

Create a project budget and set a spending limit. Whether you plan to use savings, a home equity loan, a line of credit or free up funds through refinancing, now is the time to identify how you will finance the project and how much you want to spend.

Prepare the house

Before work begins, remove snow from all areas where professionals will work as well as the walkways they will use to access these areas. Remove valuables and breakables to avoid damage and cover furniture in areas where paint or dust could damage the upholstery. Keep other considerations in mind. For example, if you are remodeling the kitchen, you may need to create a temporary food preparation area.

Work with the pros

When selecting a contractor, check references, certification and understanding of the project. For example, when it comes to window and door projects, Andersen Windows Inc. recommends hiring an Andersen Certified Contractor to do the job. These contractors receive product training, installation resources, offer an exclusive 2-year limited installation warranty, and their expertise and experience in a wide range of residential projects means they are able to capture your vision. for your home and to work with you to provide the right products.

Plan wisely

Pick a schedule for your home renovation that best fits your busy schedule. Keep in mind that sometimes unforeseen circumstances can cause delays. Include it in the timeline so you don’t get caught off guard.

Address Security

Discuss with your contractor the COVID-19 measures put in place to keep customers and employees safe. Find out if they’re following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for businesses, including wearing a mask at all times, social distancing whenever possible, and frequent hand washing. Also ask if they offer virtual consultations that allow you to start the process without contact.

Security system

With professionals coming in and out of your home frequently, a home renovation can be a good time to add or update your security system with reprogrammable smart locks. Offering added convenience and control, the Yale Assure Lock for Andersen Patio and Entry Doors, for example, is a stylish, keyless entry lock that easily grants access to contractors for limited time periods, lock and unlock doors from anywhere. and watch from afar.


If a renovation is done correctly, you may never need to repeat the process. This makes open and honest communication with your home improvement team essential. Be sure to share your vision and ask questions as they arise. At the same time, expect the professionals who work with you to communicate regularly and address any concerns you may have.

Return on investment

Prioritize projects that can increase the resale value of your home. According to FortuneBuilders, the top 10 home improvement ROIs include bathroom and kitchen renovations, landscaping, front door replacements, and window replacements. It also helps to select products with transferable warranties. This will give your property a tangible head start on the market at the time of sale.