Home renovation

7 signs you should postpone or cancel a home improvement project

Undertaking a home renovation can improve the value of your property, remedy any lingering structural or aesthetic defects, and generally make your home much more comfortable to live in. Everything is fine! But wait: no matter how good your intentions, a hasty house overhaul may actually end. costing you. So what are the signs that […]

Remodeling ideas

Remodeling ideas to help you age in place | Retirement home

As you think back to your golden years, you may be considering moving to a retirement community or staying in your home. With a variety of home improvement options, staying in your home can be easier and more affordable than ever. “Baby boomers make up about half of the home improvement market,” says Adam Markley, […]

Home renovation

Make money and make sense of home improvement plans

Comment this story Comment Whether you’re preparing to put your home on the market or updating a home you’ve just purchased, home renovations can be expensive. The national average spent to remodel a 200 square foot kitchen is $20,000, while the national average to remodel a master bathroom is $18,000, according to data from Fixr. […]