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12459 TID 42 Modification of the project plan 2022 | Legal announcements

NOTICE OF JOINT REVIEW BOARD MEETING FOR A PROPOSED PROJECT PLAN AMENDMENT AND USE OF THE ½ MILE RULE FOR TAX SUPPLEMENTARY FINANCES DISTRICT NO. 42 (WINGRA) CITY OF MADISON Pursuant to Wisconsin Statute 66.1105, Tax Incremental Law, the City of Madison Joint Review Board will hold a virtual meeting on June 1, 2022 at noon, via Virtual Meeting on the Proposed Project Plan Amendment and the Use of the ½ Mile Rule for Supplemental Tax Funding District No. 42 (Wingra). A copy of the TID boundary map and parcel numbers will be provided upon request to the Economic Development Division by mail to the following address: Department of Community and Economic Planning and Development Economic Development Division PO Box 2983 Madison , WI 53701-2983 Or by email at: [email protected] *Note: This Joint Review Panel meeting will be a virtual meeting, with instructions for watching, listening and participating noted on the agenda available on the Clerk’s Office website: *Note: Some or all members of the Joint Review Panel, or members of the public , can participate in the meeting remotely by teleconference or videoconference. To listen to the meeting: You can call the Joint Review Panel (TIF Review Panel) meeting: Listen to audio by phone: (877) 853-5257 (toll-free) Meeting ID: 876 1871 8299 If the quorum cannot be reached on the day of the meeting, the Board cannot meet. If you have any questions or would like to request a copy of the proposed project plan, please email [email protected] If you need an interpreter or accommodation, please contact the Department at 266-4635. The purpose of this project plan amendment is to provide funding for the following projects: Construction of the Cannonball Bike Path ($1,000,000) Village Stormwater Costs on the Park ($2,400,000) Parking Structure of the Village on Park ($1,400,000) Demolition and Reconstruction of Village on Park North Building ($1,000,000) Village on Park Public Hart ($200,000) Land Acquisition ($500,000) Land Acquisition (Reserve Environmental Remediation) – $4,000,000 Organization and Administration ($500,000) The total estimated cost of the proposed 2022 Project Plan Amendment is $11,000,000. General Description of the TID Area The TID is generally bounded by South Park Street, Fish Hatchery Road and Wingra Creek in Madison WI. Published Wisconsin State Journal: May 20, 2022 WSJ: May 20, 2022 108074 WNAXLP